Specializing in Limestone Chimney Crowns & Shoulders Repair & Replacement

Bruce & Chad Ryan’s Masonry Construction specializes in chimneys like the old masons used to do. If you’ll notice, the next time you are driving around Cincinnati, or any other old town, take a look at the homes that have a solid limestone cap. These chimneys are invariably in better condition than the newer homes of today. Why? The natural limestone caps that masons used in the “old days” protected the chimney more adequately by not allowing water to get down inside the chimney and freeze. Today’s chimneys only have a man-made cement cap on top, and these caps usually crack days after they are put on, or within a year some sort of crack develops. If you doubt this, check the top part of your chimney and you will see for yourself. The problem arises when water seeps down inside the chimney in the winter months and freezes. It then expands which causes the brick to spaul, chip or separate from the mortar. By replacing your cement cap NOW! (and maybe a course or two of brick if needed) you will be saving the life of your chimney for many years to come. As I am sure you know, the cost of home repairs are very high these days, but it would be less expensive to do a small amount of repair now, rather than a major repair later!!!!

Chimney Cap Replacement

Here are four reasons to put on a high-quality stainless steel cap on your masonry chimney:

1. Keeps animals, especially raccoons and birds, from setting up home in your chimney or fireplace.

2. Keeps rain and moisture from building up inside chimney. If water gets inside your chimney and then freezes, your chimney will get damaged.

3. Sheds ice and rain from the chimney crown, which is the solid limestone cover on the top of the chimney structure. A chimney cap will extend the life of the crown and eliminate some causes of cracking of the flue tile.

4. Increase draft of chimney, especially in areas with constant wind.

Steel Lintel Replacement

Does your brick look like this? If it does, you are looking at what is referred to as “rust jacking” in the masonry industry. Prior to 1990 it was not building code to use a primed steel lintel over the window and door openings. (Read More)

We Can Remove That Aluminum Siding Oxidized White StainResidue on Your Brick!

Antique Chimney Pots

People sometimes ask us: What are chimney pots? Chimney pots are, simply put, terra cotta (ceramic) pots that sit atop a chimney.Chimney pots can be round, square, octagonal, or rectangular, but in all cases, they are open at the bottom, where they attach to the chimney and open or vented at the top.

Their tapered shape allows them to perform the important function of improving fireplace draft, and many people still buy chimney pots for that reason.

But more often today, chimney pots are used as an exterior architectural accent to add character and beauty to fine homes and buildings. Think accessorizing, but for the house.

Antique chimney pots are also becoming extremely popular with yard art. Please let me know if you are interested in any of my antique chimney pots.

**Important Note: Antique Chimney pots “Can Not” be used on modern fireplaces.